What's the catch? Why do you want to pay me for taking pictures of random objects?

It sounds like a pretty good deal, right? How does it work? The pictures you take are all quality checked and then annotated. Once we've gathered thousands of these annotated pictures we can build datasets to sell to big companies which help them with their computer vision technology.

The app is a space where you willingly provide us with data (we don't take it from you without your permission like some places on the web), and when combined with the data from other users it becomes valuable enough to sell. We profit from that data, and want to pass some of those profits onto you. You scratch our back, and we scratch yours! So we guess the Microwork app like digital back-scratching. Almost!

What is Ether? Can't you just pay me via Paypal?

Ether is the altcoin which exists on the Ethereum platform. We've chosen to build Microwork on a framework that uses blockchain technology, and so we've chosen to pay in Ether for the work you complete on our app. We're really excited about blockchain technology because it decentralizes power, meaning important entities such as data and money are not controlled by organizations, but are regulated by the technology of the network itself.

If this sounds a little confusing, we wrote a blog post to explain blockchain technology as simply as possible. We're excited about the potential and freedom that this technology offers, and so decided to build our app using it as the payment system.

How can I get paid in Ether? Can I withdraw it to other currencies?

Getting started is simple. All you need to do is open a cryptocurrency wallet (you can do this with My Ether Wallet, Coinbase, Jaxx or many others. We wrote a blogpost about it here.) Once you've got your cryptocurrency wallet, that's where we'll send your earnings. To make it easy, we refer to your earnings in dollars in the app, but this is paid to your cryptocurrency wallet in the equivalent amount of Ether.

We transfer the Ether to your wallet address with the exchange rate provided by Crypto Compare on the day you choose to transfer.

How much can I earn on the app?

The Microwork app is for earning extra money in your spare time. You can earn anything from 0.05$ per photo on some tasks to sometimes several dollars on others. There are always a number of tasks available on the app, and users have sometimes earnt 80$+ dollars in a single week depending on how much time they spend on the app. So the amount you earn depends on the amount of time you want to put in.

What's the meaning of life?

Hmm, this one's trickier. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy says 42. We think it's more to do with finding happiness in the small things. A picnic. The cold side of the pillow. A long conversation with a good friend. And apps that let you earn Ether for completing tasks ;)

Where is Microwork available?

Microwork is available worldwide!

How do I make sure my tasks are approved?

Each task has its own criteria for approval listed in the task description. Follow that and you'll stand a high chance of getting approved every time. The most common reasons for rejections for images are if they're blurry, duplicates of images already submitted or if they didn't fit the criteria for the task. Surveys may be rejected for answers that are too short or irrelevant. The best way to get approved is to simply follow the instructions carefully :)

Frequently asked questions