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Love taking photos of your fashion stuff?
Now you can get paid for it.

How does it work?

Imagine an app that recognizes clothes and tells you where to buy them. Or an app that tells you if a bag is real or fake. You can help bring these to life (and get paid while you do).



We're collecting images to train AI



The images help AI to recognize fashion, bags and shoes



This can power apps that make your life easier.

What kind of photos?


Dream Bags

Share photos of the bags you'd love to buy

Your Collection

Take photos of the clothes you want to show off


Upload your outfits

Get paid daily for uploading your outfit of the day

Plus many other ways to earn for taking pictures of your clothes!

Join our fashion addicts

Get inspired

Browse the collections of others.

Get advice

Is this bag real or fake? Use the community to help decide.

Get connected

Join the community of fashion addicts and become part of the future of fashion.

It's time to get paid for being fashionable

Start earning now. Download the Microwork App.

coming soon!

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