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Follow these simple steps to start earning Ether today.

How to open your cryptocurrency wallet

Open an Ether wallet

This is where we send your earnings. We recommend Coinbase for new users and MyEtherWallet for experienced users.

Getting paid is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Enter your wallet address

It's like email for money. Carefully copy and paste your address from your wallet to your Microwork profile.

Enter your Ethereum wallet address
Make money on your smartphone with Microwork App

Withdraw your earnings

Once you've completed a task or two you can withdraw your earnings from the Microwork App to your Ether wallet.

Send money to your bank account

Want to buy something with your earnings? Converting it to a traditional currency is a piece of cake with sites like Coinbase!

Send money to our bank account

Start earning now.

Download the Microwork app to begin.

Coming soon!

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